When to Floss

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Can you remember the last time you actually spent flossing your teeth? If you’re like most people, it’s probably a lot longer ago than it should’ve been. It’s not something many people enjoy. But it’s a vital part of maintaining great oral health.

Flossing is often said to be uncomfortable, but that’s often due to the fact that your gums aren’t used to it . If you floss at the right frequency, though, your gums will quickly adjust. Your oral health will improve a lot as well.

How often do I floss?
A good guideline to start with is flossing once a day. Before bed is usually recommended, since it gets all of the junk out from between your teeth before spending eight hours asleep. Just about ever dentist in the country will give you this type of advice.

You only need to floss after meals if you can feel food stuck in your teeth. Dr. Kimberly Fee advises her patients to do this instead of picking at their teeth.

Why do I need to floss?
The team here at Kimberly W. Fee DMD in Prescott, Arizona, tells you to floss for one reason. It’s simple – we see firsthand the great benefits it brings to so many people. Your oral health improves dramatically when you floss You won’t be at as high a risk for cavities. You’ll even be able to avoid gum disease.

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