The Many Functions of a Dental Crown

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Dental crowns are an excellent option for dental restorations because they offer a good amount of versatility in repairing a damaged or discolored tooth. These restorations can last a few decades to improve a weakened tooth and enhance its strength and support. If you have a tooth that needs repair, we invite you to review the many helpful functions of a dental crown to enhance your smile.

Because dental crowns cover the whole of the tooth, they can be fully customized to look like your natural tooth. The benefits of custom-made dental crowns is that they can provide the functions that your smile needs to improve the quality of a weakened tooth. For example, a damaged tooth can be protected and strengthened and cosmetic flaws can be aesthetically enhanced.

Dental crowns can serve many crucial oral health functions such as decreasing your risk of tooth decay, repairing a large cavity, supporting a large dental filling or enhancing other dental restorations such as dental implants, bridges and root canal therapy.

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