Replace your Toothbrush After Sickness

While you have conquered your recent illness, your toothbrush may still be holding onto those germs just waiting to make your roommates sick. Be safe and throw it out! Replace it with a new one to keep your family and/or roommates from the misery that you survived. Whether married or single, chances are you have one or more persons sharing... read more »

Outlining the Basics of Aging and Dental Health

Through the adventure of life, you will find yourself being faced with many obstacles. The road to here and there and back again has pitfalls for not only your physical health but your oral health as well. If you wish to ensure your teeth and gums can remain healthy throughout your lifetime, make it a point to ensure you're eating... read more »

Teeth Infection and Abscesses

Have you ever heard of a tooth abscess or a tooth infection? While the two can be caused by similar issues, there are actually a few important differences between them. For instance, while both issues will need professional treatment, the treatments could be very different. Still, what are the differences between a tooth infection and an abscess? As you probably... read more »