Understanding Filling Materials and Their Application

Tooth decay is an unfortunate consequence of poor oral hygiene. When the natural bacteria living in your mouth are allowed to reproduce unchecked, they can eventually work to exploit a weakened area of tooth enamel. This is even more likely to occur if you skip a dental checkup. If a cavity is detected early and it’s small enough, Dr. Kimberly... read more »

Composite Resin Fillings Can Repair a Modest Cavity

Unfortunately, there are times when even the most effective daily oral hygiene routine isn’t sufficient for preventing tooth decay. Some early indicators of a cavity might include a change in texture, pain or new sensitivity issues in a tooth. You should not delay in having it examined. Timely treatment will keep a small problem from developing serious complications. If the... read more »

If a Cavity Is Detected Early, It Can Often Be Repaired by a Filling

Cavities form when the natural bacteria in your mouth manage to exploit the otherwise healthy tooth enamel. While this is often the result of an inadequate oral hygiene routine, something like a small chip or a fracture can actually trap residual food particles and plaque, promoting the formation of a new cavity. If it is detected early, our dentist can... read more »