We want all of our new patients to feel comfortable when they come to our office to visit with our dentist in Prescott, Arizona. We invite you to take some time to read these reviews from our patients before you come for your appointment with Dr. Kimberly Fee. They’ll help you get to know our team and what you can expect when you come. When you’re ready, give us a call to set up your appointment!

Not often will I write a review, but, for this dentist and staff, I would be remiss, not to. This dentist office is not only impeccably clean and comfortable (a word not often associated with a dentist office), Dr. Fee and her staff treat patients with professionalism, integrity and compassion.
It is not often that a place can commended for both its character and the services it provides. This is an amazing family dentist, that I and my children have been going to for years. And unlike other places of business, the quality here, has remained consistently great. I am grateful to have a dentist office like Dr. Fee’s in Prescott. But, I must say, that even if we lived a distance away, it would be well worth the drive.

There is no way to explain what an incredible team Dr Fee has!!! You HAVE to meet them to experience and believe. Why would you choose any other dental experience??? I’ve always dreaded the dentist, from past experiences. I’m able to call and easily speak with Veronica regarding any needs and I truly know I’m heard. Dr Fee is attentive and kind ALWAYS.

I’m not a dentist person at all!! Tons of dental work in my younger years makes me not like going, out of embarrassment and painful memories. Dr. Fee and her staff are friendly, attentive and totally put me at ease!! It was a thorough and pain free exam. Thank you ladies for making it so I want to go to the dentist!

LOVE Dr. Fee. She’s conservative in treatment and honest in diagnosis. She’s talented, KNOWS her patients, and her ethics are what has kept me here for nearly a decade. She’s brilliant, kind, and very generous with her time (she calls patients at home after treatment….who does that?!?!?!) My family is in the best of hands under her care and I recommend her to all of my friends all of the time. So very thankful for her!

Everyone is super friendly and wants to help you maintain a great smile! Remember to floss (I always forget) because you will be reminded haha 🙂

Dr. Fee is very caring and an excellent dentist. Her dental hygienists and staff are exceptional. I highly recommend them.

I love Doctor Fee and all of her staff! Totally caring group.

My daughters and I have been seeing Dr. Fee for over 10 years now. Her staff is wonderful and friendly and make you feel at home and her expertise as a Dentist is outstanding. Great place that makes you feel comfortable!

Kimberly Fee is an exceptional densit. She is patient, kind and gentle. She took the time to listen to my concerns and explain all of my treatment options. I feel very comfortable with her and completely trust her to take care of all of my dental health needs.

Nothing but professional. My particular problem involved a dislodged crown. I was given an early appointment and greeted by super-nice office staff. X-rays taken, various solutions to the problem were explained to me, I chose one and the job was completed quickly. Very gentle dentist in manner and skill.

Dr. Fee is awesome! I am a person who avoids the dentist at all costs and have had bad experiences with ‘chain’ dentistry, who are mostly out for a buck. Dr. Fee is caring and very thorough, and best of all, very conservative. She will never recommend something that is unnecessary. Now I’m back to regular visits and checkups with minimal anxiety

Dr. Fee and her staff are amazing. She’s conservative but informative. She’s gentle in both demeanor and skills. I felt welcome and comfortable from start to finish and I had not seen a dentist in 13 years by the time I walked through her door. I positively recommend her for everyone.

Dr. Fee and her staff are the best! Some of the best service I’ve received was from her office. I would definitely recommend her to friends!