Prepare for Your Bone Graft Recovery in Advance

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If you have weakened or lost bone structure in your jawbone as a result of trauma or disease, our dentist may recommend bone grafting to improve your smile. We invite patients to ask any questions they have regarding the procedure, including the recovery process that follows bone grafting.

To enhance the recovery process of your bone graft procedure, we invite you to review these oral health tips in advance:

– Your initial consultation with Dr. Kimberly Fee should include a review of any medications or medical conditions that could affect your mouth’s ability to heal quickly and fully.

– You and your general physician can implement a cessation program if you smoke and use tobacco products regularly. Tobacco use during recovery can lead to gum irritation and gum infection that complicates your recovery time. To optimize your recovery, it’s important that your program does not include lozenges or nicotine gum.

– Eat soft foods for the first few days to go easy on your gums. Foods like soup, mashed potatoes, applesauce and yogurt, as well as avoiding hot or cold drinks, can give your gums a break. Drink plenty to water but avoid using a straw so that the suction won’t dislodge the incision site blood clots.

We invite you to contact Kimberly W. Fee DMD at 928-778-7410 today for an appointment if you have further concerns about preparing for a bone graft in Prescott, Arizona.