Don’t Let Dry Mouth Get You Down

Saliva is not one of those things that people really want to talk about. Be that as it may, it has a very important job to do. It helps break down your food so that your body can digest it. It also cleanses your mouth of food debris and fights bacteria; both which help to… Read more »

Opting for Dental Bonds

You may have been keeping a close eye on one more of your teeth if they are decayed, chipped, cracked or discolored. You may want to fix that problem, but you don’t know what your options are for getting your smile back. In this case, it is a good idea to visit Dr. to see… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Oral Cancer

Defend your oral health by getting screened for oral cancer. Although cancers may easily go unnoticed before signs begin to appear, screenings are essential to ensure the disease is caught fast enough to ensure a positive recovery rate. Typical symptoms include the following: – Look for obvious spots, patched, blotches, or marks. – Look for… Read more »

Dental Sealants Protect Smiles

Did you know that dental sealants can lower your risk of tooth decay by nearly 80%? Dental sealants are designed to improve your smile by protecting your teeth from decay and enamel erosion that cause cavities and other oral emergencies. With a dental sealant, your smile will be better protected from the harmful acids produced… Read more »

Which Foods Are Healthy for Your Smile?

Have you ever wondered which foods are healthy for your smile? Although all foods inevitably wear down teeth slightly due to the chewing process, it is hard enough to wear teeth out as teeth that are well taken care of can last a lifetime of use. Listed below are food choices that can help keep… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Might Just Be What Your Smile Needs for the Summer

If you have had issues with your smile, a dental bridge might just be what you need to prepare you for the summer season, and all the social activities that come with it. If you have missing teeth and want to fill them in, a dental bridge can do that effectively and attractively. Dental bridges fill… Read more »

What Are the Best Cosmetic Dentistry Options?

What are the best cosmetic dentistry options? Typically, the best treatment options for your smile should always be the ones that improve your oral health the most. However, some that exist simply to improve the look of your smile can also do wonders for your self-esteem and self-image. Some of the most remarkable forms of… Read more »

Chronic Dental Staining Can Be Remedied by a Dental Bleaching Treatment

While it might not seem like it at first, simple things, like a morning cup of coffee, a glass of red wine at dinner or the occasional cigar at sundown, can actually leave trace amounts of dark particles in your mouth. These can easily adhere to the surfaces of your teeth, causing dental stains and… Read more »

Including a Fluoride Treatment at Your Regular Dental Checkup Helps Prevent Future Cavities

The American Dental Association advocates having a dental checkup and cleaning administered every six months to monitor and maintain the health of your mouth. Every checkup at our dental office is designed to clean your teeth and examine all the important aspects of maintaining good oral health in the long term. After your hygienist has… Read more »

A Knocked-Out Tooth Requires First Aid and Professional Care

A knocked-out tooth is a form of dental avulsion where the tooth is knocked out of the socket or severely fractured at the gumline. When this happens, the oral trauma is often severe and requires immediate first aid while seeking professional care at . If there are blood or debris in your mouth from an… Read more »