Key Dental Dangers to Avoid

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Did you know that sugars and starches are well-known dental damage risk factors to your smile? Furthermore, are you aware of the dangers of snacking throughout the day or using your mouth like a bottle opener? These are all important questions to ask as you need to be aware of tooth hazards that can arise at any time in your life, and which ones you should be avoiding.

Protect your smile whenever possible by limiting tooth hazards that can destroy your teeth and gums. This includes sugars and starches which can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth. These harmful acids are known for chewing through your tooth enamel and causing enamel erosion.

In addition, exercise caution with snacking throughout the day. Not only can snacking lower the amount of saliva in your mouth, it can also increase the rate at which tooth decay can occur.

Another common tooth hazard risk factor is from using your teeth for tasks in which they are not intended. This includes trying to open product packaging. Never use your teeth to open bottles or plastic packaging at any time. Doing so can cause severe oral accidents and leave you with chipped or cracked teeth or even knock out teeth altogether.

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