Interesting Facts About Oral Cancer

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Defend your oral health by getting screened for oral cancer. Although cancers may easily go unnoticed before signs begin to appear, screenings are essential to ensure the disease is caught fast enough to ensure a positive recovery rate. Typical symptoms include the following:

– Look for obvious spots, patched, blotches, or marks.
– Look for visible crusty or eroded patches in your mouth.
– Various abnormal signs of discoloration, including red, white, and speckled patches, should be looked at.
– Take note of any signs of numbness or loss of feeling in the head, neck, or mouth areas.
– Watch for sore throats that do not go away.
– Watch for infrequent bleeding from your mouth.
– Keep track of any mysterious weight loss changes.
– Be aware of any open wounds that take longer than 2 weeks to heal or ones that continuously bleed.
– If you find yourself ever suffering from any difficulties eating, swallowing, speaking, or chewing food, schedule a visit to your dentist to check for oral cancer.

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