Five Benefits of Custom-Made Dentures

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No dental treatment is “one size fits all,” and dentures are certainly no exception. It’s important to have dentures that look and feel right for your smile, and these benefits of custom-made dentures prove it:

  • Custom-made dentures are healthier for your smile. Dentures that were designed for your smile will fit the contours of your mouth and provide a tight seal that keeps bacteria from building up between the dentures and the gums.
  • Customized dentures last longer than generic dentures. When dentures fit properly and are created with materials that are compatible with your smile, they will not need to be adjusted as often. Additionally, the dentures will not experience as much wear and tear as dentures that were not designed for your unique smile.
  • Dentures designed for your smile will look more natural. Traditional dentures have a reputation for looking unnatural; however, recent developments in dentistry allow us to use advanced materials and techniques to create dentures that fit your unique smile contours and look just like natural teeth.
  • Properly fitted dentures improve your facial shape. Missing teeth can result in sagging cheeks that age your appearance, but dentures fitted to your facial contours provide support to your facial muscles and lift the cheeks, improving your overall appearance.
  • Tightly fitted dentures allow you to eat most all of your favorite foods. Dentures that are properly fitted to your mouth to provide the strength and stability that you need to bite and chew the foods you love. If your current dentures prevent you from eating your favorite food, talk to Dr. Kimberly Fee about replacing those dentures with a custom set.

You are welcome to contact Kimberly W. Fee DMD at 928-778-7410 today to learn more about the benefits of custom-made dentures in Prescott, Arizona. Our dentist and team are excited to help you improve and love your new smile!