Dental implants replace missing teeth from top to bottom.

Missing teeth can cause problems for your appearance and make it more difficult for you to speak and to eat. However, if a tooth is lost or extracted, the bone mass in your jaw will start to deteriorate. To avoid the problems associated with tooth loss, talk to our dentist, Dr. Kimberly Fee about a dental implant in Prescott, Arizona. Dental implants don’t just replace the tooth above the gumline, they also provide a replacement for the tooth root, which will prevent the loss of jaw bone.

girl holding a model of a dental implantTo place an implant, the dentist will place a titanium post in your jaw bone. The body reacts very well to titanium, and the bone will grow around the post. This will not only make sure that your implant is sturdy but will strengthen the bone as well. The dentist will then place a replacement tooth on the post, which is designed to look, function and even feel just like a natural tooth.

Most people are good implant candidates, but if your gums or jaws are not healthy enough to support an implant, you may need a gum or bone graft. Since some conditions may make it difficult for implants to succeed, you should talk to the dentist about your medical history, habits and lifestyle before you start the procedure. You will need to brush and floss your implants just as you do your natural teeth, and you should follow the dentist’s post-op instructions carefully. It is also important that you keep all of your follow-up appointments at our office. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 928-778-7410.