Restore the look and function of your smile with a dental bridge.

A full smile is a healthy smile, and at Prickly Pear Family Dental we offer several ways to replace missing teeth. Some people may not be able to afford dental implants or be good candidates for them. Or they may not feel comfortable wearing dentures. If this is the case for you, a dental bridge may be a great compromise.

woman smiling with her hand in her hairA bridge can replace a single missing a tooth, or two or more teeth in a row. It is one or more prosthetic teeth, which are permanently fixed in your mouth, literally “bridging” the gap in your smile. It may be held in place by dental implants, but it is often secured by crowns which have been placed over the teeth on each end of the space in your smile.

While your bridge may not get cavities, it still needs to be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth. In addition, crowns and implants rely on healthy gums to do their jobs, and you should also continue to see the dentist for your routine cleanings and exams. This will also give the dentist the chance to check you bridge to make sure it is functioning as it should.

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