Enjoy the convenience of a renewed smile with a CEREC® restoration.

Dental crowns are very useful restoration options. They can hold a bridge in place and protect teeth that have been severely damaged by trauma or decay or have had root canals. Crowns are made from an impression of your tooth, and in the past, took two appointments since the impression had to be sent to a dental lab for a crown to be created.

dental crown being placedAt Kimberly W. Fee DMD we use CEREC® technology to create your crown during a single visit, meaning that you can enjoy the look, comfort and function of a full smile without the wait and without having to care for a temporary cap. CEREC technology is not only used to make crowns. We can also utilize CEREC to make veneers, inlays and onlays. Because CEREC makes use of digital imaging, you won’t have to deal with the messy paste that makes impressions so uncomfortable. CEREC crowns, veneers and onlays are made from high-quality porcelain that will keep you smiling for years to come. With proper care, your crown, veneer, or inlay or only can last for many years, but you will need to continue to brush twice a day, floss once a day, and see the dentist for your regular appointments.

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