Is an athletic mouth guard a part of your equipment?

If you or your children are involved in contact sports, chances are you already own a mouthguard. But what about other sports or recreational activities? If you are involved in any kind of activity that could result in an impact to your mouth, then your teeth are at risk and you should consider getting a mouth guard. Mouth guards are especially important if you wear braces, since an oral trauma can damage your teeth, gums and your dental work. In fact, depending on your line of work, you may want to talk to our dentist, Dr. Noelle McKenney about whether or not you could benefit from a mouth guard while on the job.

girl holding a mouth guardMouth guards can be found in sporting goods stores, drug stores, and box stores. While there are many brands available over-the-counter, you will get the most benefit and the best protection from a custom mouth guard from our office. Our mouth guards are made from impressions from your bite and will give you the best protection during your game or practice. They will fit snugly over your teeth, protecting you from the potential damage of impacts. We will also talk with you about how to clean and store your mouth guard when you are not using it. For the best performance, you should have a new mouthguard made at the start of every sports season.

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