Maintain your oral and overall health through general dentistry.

man with a blue shirt smilingDr. Kimberly Fee and her team understand the importance of general dental care. Your mouth is a complex environment, and your needs can change over time. Your mouth may not be in the best shape when you come in for your first appointment. Don’t worry, we aren’t interested in judging you. What we are interested in doing is helping you to enjoy a healthy, functional and beautiful smile. To help you reach your smile goals, we offer the following general dental services in Prescott, Arizona:

Whether you need a routine dental cleaning and exam, or you are in the midst of a dental emergency, we are here to help. We can offer preventive treatments such as sealants can oral cancer screenings, and even help you address problems such as gum disease, and snoring problems.

During your regular cleanings and exams, we can remove any plaque and tartar that your toothbrush did not reach and find and address any small problems before they get bigger and become tougher to treat. While most people need to see the dentist every six months, we may want to see you on a more frequent basis depending on your oral health.

If it is time for your regular appointment or if you are looking for a dentist for your family, we would love to meet you! If you would like to plan your first (or next) visit, give us a call today at 928-778-7410. We look forward to seeing your new smile!