Dental veneers are an easy way to improve or restore your smile.

Not every dental problem is a major one. Sometimes, the issue is a minor cosmetic problem, and in those cases, our dentist, Dr. Kimberly Fee may suggest resolving the situation with a simple procedure involving dental veneers in Prescott, Arizona.

Veneers are thin strips of porcelain or resin that are cemented to the fronts of your teeth. Although this may sound very simple, veneers can be used to address a number of problems. Veneers can cover teeth that are discolored or improperly shaped. If there is a gap between your teeth, me might recommend a veneer to close the space. If you have a minor chip or fracture, a veneer can be used to correct the problem and protect the tooth. A veneer can also improve the look of an irregularly shaped tooth. In some cases, veneers might even be used to address minor alignment issues.

girl holding a dental veneerThe process for placing a veneer is simple and easy. The dentist will remove a tiny amount of enamel and take an impression of your tooth. That impression will then be used to create the veneer, which will be colored to blend in with the rest of your smile. Once the veneer is cemented in place, the look and function of your tooth with be improved or restored. With proper care, your veneer will serve you well for approximately ten years.

If you have minor damage to your smile, call 928-778-7410 today to schedule an appointment at our office to find out if veneers are right for you.