A Dental Bridge Might Just Be What Your Smile Needs for the Summer

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If you have had issues with your smile, a dental bridge might just be what you need to prepare you for the summer season, and all the social activities that come with it. If you have missing teeth and want to fill them in, a dental bridge can do that effectively and attractively. Dental bridges fill in missing teeth by anchoring onto neighboring teeth to look natural. Let’s look at some of the ways dental bridges can provide the solution to your smile problems.

A dental bridge can offer you the following benefits:

#1 They effectively lower your risk for gum disease and tooth decay which can arise due to missing teeth. A dental bridge makes sure that the teeth surrounding a gap from a lost tooth or destabilization of the gums don’t shift out of place.

#2 They replace missing teeth in your smile with natural-looking artificial replacements.

#3 They help maintain your youthful appearance by maintaining your facial structure. This is important because when teeth are lost, the necessary stimulation to the jaw is lost as well, diminishing bone material. This can result in a sunken appearance, making you age prematurely.

#4 They allow you to speak, chew and eat normally again after losing teeth.

#5 They can last more than ten years with proper care and maintenance.

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